A modern control panel’s primary purpose is to effectively facilitate the routine management of your hosting infrastructure and present these tasks simply and intuitively to both the user and to you as the administrator.

While many available control panels claim to do just that, DirectAdmin offers many features that you just won’t find elsewhere, making the DirectAdmin experience truly unique.

DirectAdmin offers 3 access levels: Admin, Reseller, User. You can also check their website: www.directadmin.com

DirectAdmin Standard License

  • Unlimited Accounts
  • With Pro Pack
  • Free Setup & Installation
  • Forum Support Access

Main Features

Admin level – the main account responsible for the global server configuration and who can:

  • create other admins
  • create reseller packages and resellers
  • configure global settings like the hostname, nameservers, change security options and global limits
  • customize HTTPd and PHP configurations, manage IPs, maintain Multi Server Setup
  • perform full backup/restore, monitor server processes, mail queue
  • configure services over plugins
  • manage tickets and system messages
  • perform software update

Reseller level – the middle-range account responsible for end-user management, who can:

  • create end-user packages, create user accounts
  • manage IPs and nameservers to be used by end-users
  • create backups for themselves and their users, customize skins
  • manage tickets over message system

User level – the end-user account responsible for managing their sites and emails:

  • create and edit domains, subdomains, domain pointers, redirects and DNS records
  • manage FTP accounts
  • manage E-mails (accounts, autoresponders, antispam filters)
  • manage databases and db users
  • manage files

The tricky part is that one account can be present on all 3 levels, like the “admin” user. You switch the level using a dropdown box on top of evolution skin Admin <-> Reseller <-> User.