cPanel Server Management

All of us want to live in a secure home. We, at JoneSolutions.Com, would like to think of your server as your home. Security is a must. You need to secure your server against unwanted intrusions. This way you can sleep at night in peace knowing your business is safe.

Our technical staff have 10+ years of experience in managing cPanel servers. We are currently managing 400+ servers from the USA, Italy and other countries. Below are some of the highlights of what we do to manage the servers.

  • Scanning
  • 1st Level of Security: (Protect and Defend)
  • 2nd Level of Security: (Guaranteed 99% Spam Free)
  • 3rd Level of Security: (Monitoring and Optimization)
  • Additional Software Installation By Request
  • Monthly Jobs

.Scan for vulnerability
.Scan for rootkits and kernel-level rootkits, trojan, hiden port, /dev directory, system, binaries, files permission and ifconfig/ifs.
.Scan for suspicious user account

.Kernel Optimization for Better Server Performance ( reduce load ) with GRSecurity
.Host.conf & Sysctl Hardening (spoof protection and basic ddos protection)
.Installation and Configuration of Firewall – (restricts access to unneeded ports)
.Installation and Configuration of Brute Force Detection
.Noexec, Nosuid Temporary Directories (noexec directories such as /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm)
.Installation and Configuration of Mod_Security with massive custom rules
.Installation of Security Updates by OS/Control Panel Vendor
.Installation of Linux Malware Detection
.Enable Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Hog Protection
.Automatic Detection Of Malicious/Virus/Trojan Files Via FTP
.Compiler / Fetch app. limiting. (limits access to compilers)
.Secure Services
.Secure Root Login
.Secure SSH Access
.Secure DNS
.Secure Ftp Server with Anti-Virus Protection
.Secure MySQL
.Secure Apache
.Secure Exim
.Secure and Harden PHP
.Compile PHP to the Latest Version
.Remove Unnecessary Softwares
.Update Installed Softwares
.And More…

.ClamAV + ExiScan Installation (email virus/spam scanning)
.Install Exim Dictionary Attack
.Install Forge Helo To Protect From Using The Server For Spamming
.Installation of SPF Record
.Installation and Configuration of DCC , Razor and SARE To Integrate with SpamAssassin
.Enable RBL
.Enable Alert when end-user scripts sending excessive emails per hour – for identifying spamming scripts
.Enable POP3/IMAP login tracking to enforce logins per hour
.Enable Block traffic on the DShield Block List and the Spamhaus DROP List ( Optional )
.Enable Domain Key automatically as a server wide
.And More…

.Rootkit Hunter notification (checks for possible rootkits, backdoors and local exploits on the server.)
.Installation and Configuration of Tripwire ( Optional )
.Installation and Configuration of SIM (System Integrity Monitor) ( Optional )
.Install PRM ( Process Resource Monitor ) to monitor processes and kill overloading in the server
.Install SPRI ( System Priority ) to control server load
.Install Memcached to alleviate database load
.Install OPCache
.Install Ioncube and ZendOptimizer
.Install MRTG (optional)
.Install Cacti (optional)
.Install Munin to access outside WHM
.Install Root Login Notification
.Install MyTOP
.Logwatch Installation and Configuration (Sends a detailed daily report of server events based on logs)
.Optimize Apache ( Optional: Install Varnish as a proxy/load balancer for Apache. (less cpu and ram consumption with amazing speed) )
.Optimize MySQL
.Optimize PHP with PHP-FPM
.And More…

.Installation and Configuration of FFMpeg, FFMpeg-php, Mencoder, MPlayer, etc…
.Installation and Configuration of Ruby On Rails
.Installation and Configuration of OpenVPN
.Installation and Configuration of VNC
.Installation and Configuration of RED5
.Installation and Compilation of Any PHP Modules
.And More…

.Clean logs every month
.Monitor your server externally every month ( http,ftp,pop3,smtp,dns,etc… ) ( Additional fees may apply )
.Scan your server for vulnerability every month
.Transfer accounts (CPanel to CPanel only)
.Trouble shoot any server error/problem ( i.e exim error, httpd error, mysql error, named error, ftpd error, etc… )
.Update your server every month ( manual update including kernel )
.Unlimited support tickets


A. You must have cPanel installed on your server.
B. Operating System (OS) Supported: All RedHat, CentOS and CloudLinux Products.

Our Server Management FAQ is here.

  • To order

  • cPanel Server Management

  • $35.00 per month

    ( minimum term of 6 months )

One Time Security:

A. Security Level 1, 2 and 3 included.
B. If needed, support will be provided within 10 days after we secure and optimize your vps/server.


A. You must have cPanel installed on your server.
B. Operating System (OS) Supported: All RedHat, CentOS and CloudLinux Products.

  • To order

  • One Time Security

  • $80.00

    ( one time fee )

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