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Are you getting DOS attacks? Is your server slow? Are you getting a lot of spam? Are your sites getting injected with malware? Is your server being used for attack? Do you want to decrease the load on your server? How about having 100% server up time and making your clients smile? Or simply put, do you want your server to perform well?

Look no further. We have the right solutions for your problems.

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Different hosting solutions for your personal or business needs!

Web hosting solutions with stable and reliable network combined with our server management expertise.

Available Locations:

Dallas, TX | Los Angeles, CA | Miami,FL | Newark, NJ | Atlanta, GA | London, UK | Frankfurt, DE | Strasbourg, FR | Quebec, Canada | Singapore

Premium SSD Reseller Hosting

Starting your new hosting business or just host multiple web sites. Starting from

$9.99/per month

Fully Managed KVM Sata/SSD VPS

The freedom to install your own applications. Starting from

$49.00/per month

Fully Managed Cloud NVMe VPS

Yeah! It’s Real Cloud Server, It’s lightning fast. Not Throttled! Starting from

$69.00/per month

Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Full access to hardware resources. Starting from

$139.00/per month

Cloudlinux License ( $10/m only )

Deploying CloudLinux ensures that you are optimizing the use of each server. Due to limits set for CPU, IO, and Memory, you could get the most of every server and safely add more customers. More features such as Mod_lsapi ( litespeed technology ) is the fastest and most reliable way to serve PHP pages.

What clients say about us

I finally found a couple of minutes to write my appreciation regarding the quality of your service.
I think “Jonesolutions” is one of the best, if not the best, of “Managed Hosting services” I’ve tried.
It ‘s been almost a year and I have not encountered any serious problem or fault, apart from some minor downtime usually due to updates of cpanel and Whm.

The part that i totally love about your work is the way you secure your cpanel builds ! is nearly flawless, and we found no intrusion or hacking of any kind in the whole period !! Please continue in the same way.
Also a big compliment to the technical service guys, extremely knowledgeable and always ready to solve problems, in particular Dean has always proved to be very helpful and capable.
Work with people who know their job, and are committed to get it right is very nice and relaxing, this service is worth every cents.

Thank you for all you work guys!
And Please Please Continue in the same way.


Feeling lazy after Christmas, I just had Jonesolutions.com harden my new server for $25 bucks. Installed a few extra things at no charge as well. They did it all with a few hours of my request (at night in the US).


Thumbs up for JoneSolutions.com server management service. Just signup for their service to manage my server. They almost reply my email instantly. And setup took <2hrs to complete setup. Good job JoneSolutions.com.


Try jonesolutions.com they are the best I ever had.


If it’s Cpanel+proactive updates+low rate, then the one I have already tried and would recommend is jonesolutions.


Server Hardening was excellent. He has other sys admins who work when hes not personally on line. So I really don’t think you don’t have to worry about a one man show being swamped.

And if you need help, whenever I sent a ticket to them it was replied to by a human within 15 minutes, and they kept working on it until it was done. All his people have a great attitude.

Rick Beall

Support from them ranged from acceptable to marvellous. I remember the one time I posted a ticket and received a reply in less than 5 minutes. The server containing my sites was always stable and had no hiccups.


My experience with Jonesolutions.com in 1 word is AMAZING. Quick support, friendly and they get things done. My highest recommendations for this company!


We have all of our linux servers under the services of jonesolutions.com and we are happy to say that, from that moment (more than 6 months), we hadn’t any more problem on the servers. No down, no tech problem, about 1~2 ticket/day from our customers, instead of the lot of ticket before.


You need your Mysql optimized but more importantly, your kernel. I was seeing high loads with just 500 users online at one time… i have a dual xeon box with 8 cores and 8 hyperthreaders.. I was seeing 5.xx loads. After i hired www.jonesolutions.com with their security package service, they recompiled that kernel.. The results? same users, load avg’s… .060.


In the 30 days I have been with JoneSolutions, I have not noticed any network issues. I’ve been with quite a few resellers and JoneSolutions have really impressed me with the hardware they use for their reseller nodes. The host node appears to be an E5-2620 Hexa-Core CPU with 32GB of RAM.


Been on some dedicated servers for over 4 years with Jonesolutions.com and couldnt be happier. The price includes dedicated 24/7 admin unlimited support… I need Sphinx search installed, I email them and 2 hours later its working, stuff like that!


I have tried jonesolutions.com’s reseller packages before. They are strict on their protocols so you are assured you’re on a decent company.

They are the first host that I’ve used that don’t really oversell their packages. Sites and cPanel really loads fast.


JoneSolution.com locked up the server tight, tuned the email server perfectly, and solved my email server problems. My advice is to just get a box in a good data center and get qualified people to help (JoneSolutions worked very well for me) and end up with a far better solution than what Rackspace alone provides for considerably less money.


Im using R1Soft CDP backups from JoneSolutions, their support service is also superb and prices are also cheap!


Why choose JoneSolutions?

Amazing 24/7 Support

We’ve been in the business since December 2001 and still growing. We have already proven it for 17 years now. We focus on our expertise and we know we are good at it..

You are safe

Your data are safe with us. We protect them with our own server management expertise. We are always here to support you and we will never leave you with unresolved issues.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

We mean what we advertised – 99.99% network uptime guarantee. All our servers are monitored via www.monitormybox.com 24/7 and it will notify us if it is down.

Safe Transaction

Your transaction is safe with us. We only use the most secure payment processor. We never keep your credit card details and we respect your privacy.

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Protect your data with JS Acronis Backup Cloud.

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