When it comes to Data Centers, we diligently choose the ones with the best location, facility, bandwidth providers and support. All our servers collocated at our chosen Data Centers can only be accessed by authorized personnel thus ensuring safety and security.

Data Center Information

System stability due to multiple redundant upstreams:
.80 GBit/s DE-CIX
.30 GBit/s Noris Network
.20 GBit/s Deutsche Telekom (German Telecom)
.20 GBit/s Init7
.10 GBit/s LambdaNet
.10 GBit/s Global Crossing
.10 GBit/s Aixit
.10 GBit/s TeliaSonera
.20 GBit/s Level3
.10 GBit/s KPN
.10 GBit/s N-IX
.10 GBit/s AMS-IX

.AC: 230V, 16A
.Redundant UPS facilities
.Battery mode: approx. 15 minutes
.Diesel power generator
.Power supply is effected by a raised floor system

.Energy efficient direct free cooling
.Cool Aisle Containment
.Under-floor air conditioning
.Monitoring of air temperature and server/distribution cabinets

.Total area 6.850 square meter
.Raised floor system

.Modern early warning fire system with direct connection to the local fire department
.Special door locking system

.24/7 camera monitoring of entrances and server rooms

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