Are you getting DOS attacks? Is your server slow? Are you getting a lot of spam? Are your sites getting injected with malware? Is your server being used for attack? Do you want to decrease the load on your server? How about having 100% server up time and making your clients smile? Or simply put, do you want your server to perform well?

Look no further. We have the right solutions for your problems.

Why do you need to secure your server with JoneSolutions? Simply because you want the above-mentioned problems solved and you want your server to perform well, and thus provide better up time and security for your clients. If you secure your server with JS, you will have happy clients and you can enjoy focusing on your business and enjoy spending time with your loved ones knowing your server is in good hands.

Security is the number one priority a server owner should have. If you do not secure your server properly, you will experience more down time, slow running server sites, hacked web sites and spam. And the worst problem is, if your server is being used to attack other servers.

With our solutions, we will keep hackers away from your server and block those unnecessary bots connecting to your server. You will experience 100% up time, amazing server performance and best of all, a secured server.

And we are not yet done. What is the use of the secured server if it is not optimised properly?

Our optimisation is based on your server specifications setup and the kind of sites you are running. With lesser load due to our security setup, we can even do more by optimising services running on your server including Apache, PHP, MariaDB, etc. I bet you would agree that security and speed, complementing each other, is a good combination. SECURITY AND SPEED are what Jonesolutions is expert of and these are what we offer to you.

Our technical staff has 18+ years of experience in managing servers. We are currently managing 400+ servers from the USA, Italy and other countries.

Start protecting and optimising your server by signing up now.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

FREE DirectAdmin, Clientexec or KernelCare.

Proactive Server Management

  • Full Optimization and Security

Frequently Asked Questions

We support all RedHat, CentOS and CloudLinux Operating Systems.
For control panel, we support cPanel and DirectAdmin only.

Yes. We can install cPanel and DirectAdmin and set it up for you. We can also install any software you wish to have in your server as long as it does not interfere with the control panel setup.

Sure. We can help you fix your site problems involving software or security issues. Many customers moved to us for that very reason.

Yes. With our own RBL system and spam configuration setup, your server will be spam free 99%.

We optimise your server from kernel level to software like Apache, PHP, MariaDB, FTP, Exim, etc. We also setup OPCache, Memcache, Redis and many more depending on your requirements. Our standard optimisation is great for CMS like WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, etc…

Yes, we do.

With our own modsecurity rules setup, your sites will be protected from hacking attempt, malware, bot attack, etc…

Yes. With our own system, it will SMS us if your server is down. We also do monthly check up and make sure your software are updated including the kernel. We are here 24/7 if you need us.

Yes, we do. When you submit a ticket for down servers or services, our system will SMS us and we will be on it in less than 30 mins.

Yes. When you first sign up, we can provide free migration from your old server. We can also restore accounts in the future for your new clients.

You can email us at or by visiting our client centre here and submit a ticket. You can also chat us live from our web site.