How to Route Emails to another server outside our network

 July 27, 2010     0 Comments

If you have a client that needs to route their emails to a local server, or another email service provider here are the step to do that.

1) Login to WHM
2) Go to Edit MX Records
3) Choose the domain you want to change the email routing for.
4) Under change the MX records to point to: Enter fs2
5) Click save.
6) Go to Edit DNS Records
7) Choose the domain that you just edited the dns records for.
8) Halfway down that page you will see: 14400 in MX 0

Change the second enter from to fs2 so it should read: 14400 in MX 0 fs2

9) At then end of the dns page you will now add a new A Record for that fs2, which should read:
fs2 14400 A (and the IP of the new mail server that you are pointing to)

10 Click Save, and you are done. Now you will just need everything to propogate and update, so give yourself 24 hours.

NOTE: One Step 9, if you do not have an IP, but you have a FQDN such as you can enter that there also. But this must be a domain name that is registered for use on the internet and not just something someone named there server. It must be tied to a dedicated IP.

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