Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

Our JS Stellar Fully-Managed Servers have a huge advantage over other server providers. When it comes to hardware, we only use super micro server grade setup. All hardware are fully tested. The server you get from us comes fully equipped with security and optimisation from kernel to software. We do not just copy “ready-made configurations” but we evaluate it based on the server specs and based on your website application.

With our server setup, all you need to do is to focus on getting more clients, setup the account for your client and enjoy your business. We have six different server locations which you may choose from based on your audience.

Dallas, TX, USA Dedicated Servers

For general audience, we recommend the Dallas, TX servers. Our Dallas, TX bandwidth providers are Cogent, Level3, GLBX, NTT/Verio, AT&T and AboveNet.

Los Angeles, CA, USA Dedicated Servers

If most of your audience are in Asia, we recommend the Los Angeles, CA servers as they come with Asia Optimized IP. Our Los Angeles, CA bandwidth providers are Savvis, nLayer, Level(3), HE.net, Equinix, Any2Exchange, Xeex and HiNet Taiwan.

Miami, FL, USA Dedicated Servers

Miami data center features over 70 gigabits/second of bandwidth capacity, and is contained in a state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot facility. The facility was built to withstand a category five hurricane and has SSAE 16 Type 2 compliance with a Tier III infrastructure.

Quebec, Canada Dedicated Servers

Present in the 13 largest Internet hubs in North America (New York, Newark, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Seattle, Palo Alto, San Jose, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Ashburn).

France, Europe Dedicated Servers

If your audience are mostly in Europe, then we recommend the France servers. Located in the heart of the main area of production of electricity in the Ile de France, built specifically for use in the data center. Completely modernized four phases of work, we now offer a resilient infrastructure ultra modern, offering both capabilities to meet the standards N + 1, 2N and 2N + 1

Germany, Europe Dedicated Servers

If your audience are mostly in Europe, then we recommend the Germany servers. Our Germany bandwidth providers are DE-CIX, Noris Network, Deutsche Telekom (German Telecom), Init7, LambdaNet, Global Crossing, Aixit, TeliaSonera, Level3, KPN, N-IX and AMS-IX.

Be 101% Secured With JoneSolutions

Are you getting DDOS attacks? Is your server slow? Are you getting a lot of spam? Are your sites getting injected with malware? Is your server being used for attack? Do you want to decrease the load on your server? How about having 100% server up time and making your clients smile? Or simply put, do you want your server to perform well?

Look no further. We have the right solutions for your problems.

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