Hey There,

We are excited to inform you that we have partnered with BitNinja to provide additional security against hacker attacks. The features of BitNinja are as follows:

  • Port Honeypot
  • Web Honeypot
  • Malware Detection and Removal
  • Web Application Firewall ( WAF )
  • Outbound Web Application Firewall ( OutboundWAF )
  • Log Analysis
  • IP Reputation
  • Collective Inteligence
  • DOS Protection
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Antiflood

Think of BitNinja as more of an additional hacking prevention system, while JoneSolutions’s Security Expertise primarily prevents hacking attempts on your server especially in cases where the hacker is one of your clients. :-)

Why BitNinja? It is because they have a unique system from DDoS attack prevention to WAF which does not degrade server performance when their software is running.

All servers running BitNinja create a global defense network, sharing information about malicious IPs. With data on over 15 million IPs worldwide, plus honeypots to capture and analyse the latest threats, your server is protected against DDoS botnet attacks – before they happen.

Unlike other solutions, we don’t permanently block the source but drop the connections and grey-list the attacker IP. This way, we reduce the number of false positives and complaints from clients behind proxy networks and NAT routers.

With BitNinja, our servers perform well, decrease load and use less bandwidth. How?

Let me illustrate: Your server receives requests from several ports. By protocol the server responds to each request. Think of bot scanners, hackers, nuisance users, etc. connecting to your server. Many of these connections are not valid and just add unnecessary burden to the server performance. Every time this happens, your server becomes slow, gets increased load and would use a lot of bandwidth. Imagine if these requests are multiplied by a few thousands. BitNinja, helps filter these unnecessary connections giving you a cleaner traffic.

We have already installed BitNinja in all our shared and reseller hosting servers. Consequently, spams have noticeably decreased :-) and we are now getting a cleaner audience.

All our clients with VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Server can avail of BitNinja for only $20/month applicable to unlimited users per server. The price from BitNinja website is $40/month. This means, you get a 50% discount, valid only for JS clients using our Server Management Service, VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Servers.

If you have any questions about BitNinja, please email sales@jonesolutions.com .

Thank you and happy hosting.

Jones M.