JoneSolutions.Com implemented Apache mod_lsapi for all our shared and reseller hosting.

What is Apache mod_lsapi?

Apache mod_lsapi is a module based on LiteSpeed Technologies API for PHP, Ruby and Python.
It offers excellent PHP performance, low memory footprint coupled with great security and support for opcode caching.

Benefits of Mod_lsapi compared to other ways to serve PHP:

Faster than any other way to serve PHP with Apache
Doesn’t suffer from stability issues in process management like PHP FPM and mod_fcgid
Full benefits of opcode caching
Compatible with MPM Worker & Event
No tuning required
Support for PHP directives in .htaccess files
Drop-in replacement for existing ways to serve PHP
Fully compatible with PHP Selector

For our VPS/Dedicated server clients, this module is available on CloudLinux only. If you have cloudlinux on your vps/server, please submit a ticket and we will install this for you.

If you do not have Cloudlinux on your vps/server, we do recommend to install it and we recommend to purchase it from us as we are the only provider that can offer $11/m license for cloudlinux.

Enjoy the power of litespeed technology for PHP hosting!


Jones M.