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This page will be updated from time to time with different offers from backup to hosting services.

JS Stellar Fully-Managed Servers are one of the best fully-managed servers in the industry because of our utmost dedication in providing our clients with the best possible experience when using our servers.

With JS Stellar Fully-Managed Servers, we take good care of your servers' hardware and software. We monitor your servers 24/7. Any possible failure are instantaneously detected and defective parts are promptly replaced. For the software, we always double-check to ascertain that they are consistently updated and secured. We make sure that your servers are constantly optimised based on the hardware specifications and the sites you are planning to run. We do not just use default settings; we personalise it. The quality of JS Stellar Fully-Managed Servers' security and optimisation is like no other.

We also make sure that the sites you are hosting on your servers run smoothly. If there are any issues concerning your sites ,e.g. not working properly, rest assured that we are there to take care of it. We are always on top of any situation to ensure that your sites remain safe at all times.

Our JS Stellar Fully-Managed Servers are more than fully managed servers. They are our expertise. We make it our business to provide you with hassle-free servers so you can focus on your own business endeavours knowing that your servers are in good hands. Best of all, we are here if you need us.